Nasim Fertility Center

Nasim Fertility Center is one of the starting projects of AtOptimize. In this case study, I’ll be walking you through our complete journey with Nasim Fertility center, how we helped its expansion from one city to two more. Nasim Fertility center started with a clinic in Lahore to a branch in Islamabad and Faislabad. Now They have introduced a skin clinic in Lahore, Nasim Laser skin Aesthetic ( A project managed by AtOptimize).
You’ll be surprised to know that the Nasim Fertility center used print media for advertisement confined to Lahore city only. We drifted them from print media i.e pamphlets and newspaper ads and introduced into the world of Digital Marketing.
We have targeted a large audience since then, from every city within Pakistan. Inspired by our work and increasing leads with an aspect of per day, the business owner of Nasim Fertility centered assigned their new business project of Nasim Laser Skin Aesthetic to us.

1: Website Development

Creating a website isn’t just what we do. We keep in mind all the SEO aspects while building a website. We made sure the website is user-friendly, attractive and fast for the Nasim Fertility center.

2: Social Media Marketing

What’s Digital Marketing even without social media?
We targeted a large audience through various social channels Youtube, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Generating paid ads every week, boosting the profiles and bringing more engagements to social media. And now our social media networks are so popular they don’t need a boost in order to get tons of engagements!

3: Graphics

Attracting the customers and leads is one of the strategies and we aim to bring the maximum leads to the business. We designed attractive banners, posts for social media accounts targeting youth audience.

4: Search Engine Optimization

So here’s a fact I’m going to state that will be very surprising. We ranked the website to top 5 on 40 keywords in just an 8 months campaign. Amazing right?
After reaching the Top 5 we started the PPC campaign to target the Number one rank and this goal is still on-going.
This journey from nill to success of Nasim Fertility center has been amazing. We believe in optimizing your idea. If the idea is good, don’t present it raw. Refine it, Optimize it and then bring it to the market.

Our honest and obliged work justifies itself with real evidence. We’ll create unique strategies based on business goals to gain maximum growth.

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