Origo Forlag - An Online Book Store

Origo is an eCommerce business for books in Norway. This project is a referral by our Babymagniset project that is also an eCommerce site. After seeing the success of Babymagniset through our services, Origo was delighted and assigned their project to us. We handled the IT services and Digital Marketing services for this assignment. However, our journey with this project had been great. I’ll be overviewing you with how we made their e-commerce store a success story.

1: Knowing the Client’s Requirement fully

I would definitely mention how good we are at communicating with our Client. First, we know all the requirements of our clients and get the idea of how they like certain things which could be the design of a website, the theme, and approach.

2: Website Building

Making a user-friendly yet attractive website is a hard one but we easily make through both on the first go, mainly because of our understanding with the client.

3: Bringing Traffic to the site

SEO optimization for an eCommerce site is different from others which is a toughie! and we keeping that in mind made up SEO strategies for Origo. We were successful ranking this eCommerce store among the top-ranking stores of Norway and now it gives high competition to other stores in Norway.

4: Making sales through Social Media

Now what goes parallel with an SEO campaign is a Social media campaign. We established over 60% of sales from only social media.

Our honest and obliged work justifies itself with real evidence. We’ll create unique strategies based on business goals to gain maximum growth.

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