We, AtOptimize, is a digital marketing agency, that handles the SEO of your website. There are a lot of successful stories by us. First I’ll dig into why we prioritize Search Engine Optimization so much and how does it help to generate leads for your business. After all, the ultimate goal of any business is to produce leads.

Why does your business need SEO?

Due to the ever-growing recognition of the internet and social media, many agencies are making an investment a massive portion of their budget on search engine optimization. Many companies have been discovered making an investment in search engine marketing because if they don’t, their competitors will overtake them. Take a look underneath how our SEO services can help your business enjoy its potential.

  • Improve Search Engine Ranking

Once your website ranking increases, there may be a higher hazard of greater site visitors being diverted to your net pages. This may be valuable to a new startup or blog trying to establish within the present marketplace trend.

  • Better Conversion Rate

The conversion fee is the ratio of the number of human beings who emerge as your clients to the entire range of individuals who go to your web page. The highly focused search engine marketing will assist divert genuine traffic to your internet site folks that are truly interested in your enterprise. This will assist to boom your price of conversion via changing potential site visitors into customers thereby increasing your sales.

  • Brand Awareness

Visibility plays a key function to make your emblem popular. Presenting your commercial enterprise in the top search engine effects will advantage a massive number of traffic, which in flip enhances your Brand awareness. Ranking better for multiple keywords plays a prime function for Brand awareness.

  • Engage with Your Customers

Customer engagement is more important to enhance any product or service. When your net web page or weblog has been seeking engine optimized, you will be in a higher position to interact with your customers successfully and get valuable insights to enhance your product or service. When people see their critiques being practiced, they may be bound to develop a feeling of friendliness, which can, in addition, raise your revenue.

To decorate your internet site presence, you must recollect search engine marketing today. Just putting on a website isn't always enough. Your internet site has to be marketed and promoted nicely to be present everywhere. A larger a part of web site visitors is driven by search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, and ask.Com.

At AtOptimize, We agree that Digital Marketing is more than connecting our customers with their clients; it is approximately empowering your brand presenting measurable and tangible effects that assist you to stand out within today’s marketplace. To attain this goal, we offer an array of Digital Marketing Services as you required and just-in-time while you want it.

How we produced leads with SEO?

I will walk you through our longest-term project that is 1.5 years old and is still on-going. Here is the step by step overview of our search engine optimization campaign that ranked 25 keywords to the top 5 Google’s Engine in only 3 months and brought 1 lac visitors in a year. The assignment is about the growing Fertility center.

1: Keyword Research and Competitor Analysis

Competition for a fertility center is fierce since the audience is not every day. The SERPs are crammed with big brand publications, also as many competing blogs. Dr Farooq Reviews We needed to be very strategic about which topics we focused, especially as a smaller blog with distinctly low area authority (extra in this later). Our first step turned into to carry out keyword studies and discover evergreen topics centered on novice pilots (our core personality on the time.

Generating Keywords:
A number of priority keywords and second priority keywords were decided on a number of things like volume, traffic, audience target, KD and PPC. Dr Farooq Reviews

Primary elements we pay attention to:

  • Domain and page-level authority
  • SERP and content types
  • On-page/ quality signals

In the same 12 month period the product page brought in 366 organic visits compared to the blog post with 9,565 organic visits Our target keyword has:

  • High traffic potential
  • Relatively weak competition
  • Opportunity to create a dominant piece of evergreen content

And now it was time to create engaging content

2: Content Creation

Dr Farooq Reviews Content Quality
Content generation plays a vital role in on-site and off-site SEO. We believe the quality content can be known by looking at the following

  • Content length
  • Multimedia (images, video, infographics, gifs)
  • Secondary keywords
  • UX (readability)
  • Format (list post, expert roundup, interview, case study, how-to, etc..)
  • How up-to-date is it
  • Social media optimization

The writing style we used:
Dr Farooq Reviews The first example breaks up the text with formatting best practices such as shorter sentences, lists, and different font sizes to create a more “scannable” piece of content. Our strategy is the later one.

3: Turn Traffic into email subscribers

We use Email Marketing to reach our targetted audience but keeping in mind about being spammed. So we made an email list which is of course very critical but also very essential. Slowly and gradually turning those email clients into a social network and then generating leads from that network.

4: Content Promotion

Here are the basic platforms we use for content promotion

  • Quora
  • Forum marketing
  • Social media automation
  • medium

Dr Farooq Reviews

5: Build Backlinks (4 Actionable Tactics)

We knew that if we wanted to reach the #1 position we had to build quality backlinks to the guide. So that’s how we ranked on the top page over a span of a year.