Tan Leathers - A Brand

Tan Leathers is a Pakistan based ecommerce store for leather products. We realise that for startups ecommerce is the right route than traditional marketing therefore we formulated the perfect marketing strategy to reach the client's ultimate goal.
Every project is different and we always stress on communicating with our customers to understand their story and make it a success. Here’s how we managed to do so:

1: Client’s Goal

Understanding our client’s requirements sets a strong foundation therefore it is our top priority. They wanted to increase their online presence with consistent design across all platforms, a smoothly running website that proves brand credibility and encourages sales. We made sure to deliver a complete package that exceeds our customer’s expectations.

2: Website Design

A Website is often ignored but we realise how important it is to build trust among potential buyers. It’s your best investment! Being a Digital Marketing agency that offers proficient IT services we make sure to implement the necessary steps for SEO.
Keeping in mind user experience we developed a fast, complete, aesthetic, mobile friendly, well maintained and responsive website.

3: Building Traffic

We start with a thorough examination of competitors and move on to keyword research to generate highly effective backlinks that send more traffic to their online store. Good quality content and SEO tactics go hand in hand in bringing the greatest results.

4: Social Media Marketing

With a drastic increase in social media users there are more than three billion users making social media an integral part of Digital Marketing that can not be ignore. Having diversity and authenticity in your content helps people understand your business and convert them into customers. To encourage engagement we make use of the constantly changing features to create content that the audience wants to see.
By developing a strong social media presence, we were able to direct traffic to the website and ultimately boost sales.

Our honest and obliged work justifies itself with real evidence. We’ll create unique strategies based on business goals to gain maximum growth.

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